Sunshine Discount Beverages "Home of Kegman" is South Florida's #1 keg retailer. First in sales, stock selection, experience, expertise and supplier of the freshest kegs. Multiple deliveries weekly and a strict rotation policy ensure great tasting beer.We feature over 60 different flavors and sizes of beer kegs, in stock, ice cold & ready to go. From the 1/6 size (about 65 glasses) to the largest (200 glasses) in both imports and domestic.We can deliver beer, ice, soda, and wine to home, office, parks, and boats. From 10 people to hundreds, Co2 systems are available for large parties.We fill Co2 tanks and our keg customers receive a large discount. We have a full line of parts for kegerators, including tap handles, beer lines, draft towers, regulators and even washers. We can help keep you're machine flowing great.Our prices on kegs start at $49.99 depending on flavor & size.Call 954-327-1818 for more information or to place an order.     
"Home of Kegman"
Current Specials         1/2 kegs
Bud Select---------------------------$89.99
Bud and Bud Lt---------------------$94.99
Pabst Blue Ribbon-----------------$96.99
​Yuengling Lt.-----------------------$119.99
Stella Artois------------------------$181.99
1/4 kegs
Miller Lite----------------------------$59.99
Corona Light-------------------------$90.99
Pilsner Urquell----------------------100.99

1/6/2014 Happy New Year!!
Happy Anniversary to us, 29 years and still going strong! Out with the winter beers and in with the spring beers. New Belgium Spring Blond will be in this week. We already have the new Sam Adams Rebel IPA and Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye in stock in the 1/6 kegs.
12/13/2013  We have added
Goose Island Ten Hills,Cigar City Invasion IPA,Terrapin Hopsecutioner IPA,Terrapin Moo Hoo Stout,Sierra Nevada Flipside Red IPA, Sam Adams Winter, New Belgium Accumulation and Sierra Nevada Celebration in 1/6 barrels.
12/4/2013 Bourbon County Stout is here in very limited quantities at $18.99 a 4 pk.. This is stout that has been aged in bourbon barrels.
  Budweiser holiday steins are in and are selling quickly. These steins make great presents for the beer drinkers in your life and they are only $15.99.
  Large Bud and Bud Light kegs are only $79.99 with a mail in rebate while supplies last. Only one per household.
10/25/2013 Batch 19 is sold out.
10/18/2013  THEY'RE HERE!!!! Large kegs of Narragansett Lager for $75.99. Go Red Sox!!
10/13/2013Seasonal Closeout!!!Shocktop Apple Wheat 1/6 $39.99,while they last. We now have Batch #19 large kegs for $85.99. Coming soon a new low priced regional beer in a large keg! Check with us later this week for more information.
9/15/13 Becks Octoberfest beer cases of 24-12oz. bottles for only $15.99!! That is cheaper than Bud, Bud Lt., Coors Lt., etc.
  Fat Tire kegs in stock as of September 16th.
  Anchor Steam Summer beer 1/6 kegs are only $59.99!
  Don't forget Octoberfest Beer Tasting on September 28th. It will be from 1-4pm with plenty of beer,food, and prizes
8/29/2013:Cigar City Jai. Alai, Green Flash IPA, Honkers Ale, Kona Big Wave, Funky Budda Floridian Wheat and Hop Gun IPA, Dos Equis Lager and Shipyard Pumpkin 1/6 barrels are all new arrivals here at Kegman's.
8/16/2013 : Now in stock 1/6's of Goose Island Honker's Ale, Brooklyn Octoberfest, and Shipyard Pumpkin.
We now have Bud Black Crown available in the large kegs and the 1/6 barrel.
Octoberfest Kegs and package beer are here!! Harpoon Pumpkin and Sweetwater Blue are here in 1/6 kegs also.
  September 28th 2013 is our third annual Octoberfest Beer Tasting;1:00 - 4:00 pm. More details to follow.
  Sam Adams Boston Lager kegs are reduced about $25.00 to $149.99 and the 1/6 are reduced to $65.99
Landshark Lager kegs now are only $89.99, Capital Brewery Supper Club 1/6 $79.99,Crispin Cider(gluton free)1/6 $69.99, and Sommersby Cider 1/4 $89.99. As with all specials there are limited amounts, so hurry by so as not to miss out.
6/24/13 Just in time for that great American beer holiday(July 4th), Inbev has finally given Kegman a better discount on quantity keg purchases. What that means for you, Bud and Bud Lt. kegs are now $89.99 ! Same as Coors Lt. Killian Red at $79.99 and Miller Lite at $85.99 are still at that unbeatable price.
Fat Tire will be here at the end of July and Octoberfest kegs should arrive about the same time.
Eat,Drink and be Merry.
Happy 4th!  KEGMAN
5/3/13 Happy Cinco de Maya! Dos Equis Amber and Dos Equis Lager kegs $110.99($45.00 off).
Close out on Newcastle Founders Pale Ale $99.99.
Sommersby Cider 1/6 keg $125.99 with a free European coupler. Fits Heinken, Amstel, Stella Newcastle etc. Limited amount. Watch for new craft beers and imports being added.
4/12/13 Special on Miller Lite, Coors Light, and Killians kegs are now $79.99!!!
3/29/13 Newcastle Founders Ale is on sale for $139.99, $30.00 off the regular price. Limited supply. We are closed 3/31 and reopen 4/1. Sam Adams Summer 1/6 are in stock as well as Sommersby Cider 6.6 gal kegs.  
3/15/13 Happy St. Patrick's Day to all! We still have a few green kegs available. Call now (954-327-1818) to reserve yours. A couple of Sam Adams kegs for $149.99 are still available.
Congratulation to our 6 corned beef brisket winners. Kevin,Paul, Scott, Bob, Eric, and Joe your beef is ready for pickup. We will email the winners. Briskets not picked up by Monday may be kidnapped to Tallahassee by my son. He's home for the weekend and loves corned beef. Come soon before he goes back on Monday. Happy Birthday Victor and congratulations Matt and Ashley. GO GREEN!!!
3/1/13 Sam Adams Boston Lager Kegs for only$149.99; that's $25.00 off the regular price! Brooklyn Irish Stout 1/6 kegs are only $85.99.
We have added 1/6 Urban Wheat "312" kegs,1/6 Shipyard Applehead Beer,and 1/6 Gaspar's Porter. We have green beer kegs available for St Patty's Day, call 954-327-1818 for details. We have a limited amount of Guiness kegs available with nitro setup for the holiday. Our free online raffle is ongoing for free corned beef briskets. We will have 6 luck of the Irish winners.
As with all specials there is limited availablity so act soon.
12/18/12 We are having a closeout on the large Werewolf kegs at only  $79.99!  Large Dos Equis Amber and Lager go on sale 12/18/12 for only $115.99,limited availability That's $60.00 off the regular price!
12/6/12  Price reduction! Miller Lite kegs @ $82.99. Just in time for your holiday parties.
Sam Adams Winter and Sierra Nevada Celebration are in stock.

11/12/12 Killians 1/2 kegs are on special for $79.99 while supplies last!
Newcastle Werewolf kegs are on sale for $129.99; this is about $40.00 off the regular price. Act fast these will not last!
Sam Adams Winter kegs are in this week. The new Sam Adams Wheat IPA 1/6 will also be here later this week.
Octoberfest kegs are gone for this year unfortunately. We do still have a few Sierra Nevada Tumbler 1/6's available.
9/7/12 The last of  Sam Adams Summer ale is on sale !!!  The big kegs are $69.99 and the 1/6 kegs are $39.99. Only a few left so don't wait.
8/30/12 Heineken kegs for $125.99 or for you folks that own kegarators; buy one for the full price and receive a free Heineken coupler. This coupler works on Heineken,Amstel, Presidente,Newcastle, and Stella Artois kegs as well.
Blue Moon kegs are now on sale for $129.99 and the 1/6 Blue Moon kegs are $49.99. These will go fast at this price so take advantage  of these special while we have them!
8/4/12  Sam Adams Octoberfest kegs are in stock! 1/2 and 1/6 barrels available. Watch for the date of our free Octoberfest beer tasting. 
6/7/12 This is a great time to be a keg beer consumer!
Corona Lt. comes out in a keg.
Heiniken Lt kegs at $99.99 are still available.
Sam Adams Boston Lager and Summer Ale 1/6 kegs are only $59.99.
Bud Select kegs are only $75.99.
And now Kegman is almost giving away beer!!! Newcastle Summer Ale and Carlsburg  kegs are only $79.99!!! These are full fresh kegs ready for your enjoyment. Quantities are limited so act A.S.A.P. We also have Seadog Bluberry 1/6 and Sam Adams Orcid Crisp Cider 1/6 in stock.
5/15/12 New pricing!!! Bud Select 1/2 kegs $75.99, 1/6 Sam Adams $55.99, Corona Light 1/4 $74.99, DosEquis Amber 1/6 $59.99,
Heiniken Light 1/2 $99.99, Dos Equis Lager 12 pack bottles $12.99, Mich Ultra 18 pack cans $14.99
3/14/12 Corona Light 1/2 kegs are now in stock. The1/6 corona Light kegs will be in by this weekend
2/12/12 Swamp Ape IPA 1/6 in stock, high in hops and 10% alcohol.
  Sierra Nevada 1/6 Ruthless Rye in Stock.
  Bluepoint Toasted Lager1/6 now only $69.99
2/11/12 Sam Adams Boston Lager $20.00 off now $149.99
12/25/11 Prices are going down!!! Coors Light $89.99 and MGD $89.99
12/08/11 Budweiser Holiday Steins are now in stock! Limited supply
12/01/11 As of today Miller Lite Kegs are $79.99!! Budweiser Holiday Steins are on the way.Sam Adams Winter Lager kegs are in, limited amounts. Sam Adams Winter 12 packs are $14.99 with a free glass!
11/3/11 Killians 1/2 Kegs on special for $83.99, while supplies last!
11/2/11 Sam AdamsWinter Lager now  in stock!
10/13/11 We have a great price on a premium light beer! Yuengling Light kegs @ $83.99 ! That's less than Miller Lite,Coors Lt.,Bud Lt. or Michelob Ultra!!!!!! As always supplies are limited. So come on by a take advantage of this great price. Also,we are in the last week of Heineken 18 pack bottles @ $17.99
10/6/2011 Closeout on Modello Especial $ 99.99 1/2 kegs, limited  supply. Stay tuned for the date of our next free beer tasting !!
9/12/11 Limited supply;  1/2 kegs of Modella Especial and Modella Negro $125.99
9/11/11-FREE OCTOBERFEST BEER TASTING!!! Free food, beer, raffles, prizes, and more!
September 24th, 1-4pm
9/10/11-Manufacturer price increase on kegs starting 9/30/11
9/09/11- Close out on Sam Adams Summer 1/6 barrels,$49.99 Limited quantity!
3/15/11-1/6 kegs of Bud Light Lime and Shock Top Raspberry are now in stock!
-------------------------------------------2/23/11-We are now carrying Blue Moon and Magic Hat #9 in 1/6 kegs!
12/29/10-New Year's Eve Special. Dundee's Honey Brown 1/2 barrels-$59.99
Foster's 1/4 barrels- $59.99
Sam Adams Coastal Wheat 1/6 barrels- $49.99
12/01/10-DECEMBER HEINEKEN BLOWOUT SALE. Buy a keg of Heineken, get a free European Coupler.  Or, if you already have one, get 20% off price of keg!!!!!!!!
9/18/10-New E-mailing system in full effect.  E-mail us to be put on the list to recieve exclusive offers at: SunshineKegman@gmail.com
8/15/10-Now offering Chlorine and Acid for your pool
   1/6 Kegs In Stock
     on regular basis
Arrogant Bastard
Bass IPA
Blue Moon Belguim Ale
Blue Point Toasted Lager
Brooklyn Lager
Brooklyn Brown Ale
Brooklyn Sorachi Ale
Brooklyn Winter
Bud Black Crown
Cigar City Jai Alai
Cigar City Invasion
Dale's Pale Ale
Dos Equis Amber
Dos Equis Lager
Goose Island IPA
Goose Island Honkers Ale   
Goose Island Ten Hills
Goose Urban Wheat 312
Green Flash IPA
Green Flash Green Bullet
Harpoon UFO White
Harpoon IPA
Kona Big Wave
Landshark Lager
Longhammer IPA
Magic Hat #9
Mich Amber
Mich Ultra
New Belgium Fat Tire
New Belgium Accumulation
Redd's Apple
Sam Adams
Sam Adams Rebel IPA
Sam Adams Winter
Sam Adams Orchard Crisp
Shock Top
Shocktop Chocolate
Shock Top Raspberry
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye
Sierra Nevada Narwal Stout
Sierra Nevada Torpedo
Supper Club
Sweetwater IPA
Sweetwater 420