Sunshine Discount Beverages "Home of Kegman" is South Florida's #1 keg retailer. First in sales, stock selection, experience, expertise and supplier of the freshest kegs. Multiple deliveries weekly and a strict rotation policy ensure great tasting beer.We feature over 60 different flavors and sizes of beer kegs, in stock, ice cold & ready to go. From the 1/6 size (about 65 glasses) to the largest (200 glasses) in both imports and domestic.We can deliver beer, ice, soda, and wine to home, office, parks, and boats. From 10 people to hundreds, Co2 systems are available for large parties.We fill Co2 tanks and our keg customers receive a large discount. We have a full line of parts for kegerators, including tap handles, beer lines, draft towers, regulators and even washers. We can help keep you're machine flowing great.Our prices on kegs start at $49.99 depending on flavor & size.Call 954-327-1818 for more information or to place an order.       
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"Home of Kegman"
Current Specials          1/2 kegs
Bud Select---------------------------$95.99
Bud Lt-------------------------------$100.99
Mich Amber-------------------------$89.99
Pabst Blue Ribbon---------------$107.99
Shock Top -------------------------$106.99
​Stella Artois------------------------$185.99
Blue Point Toasted Lager-------$129.99
1/4 kegs
Miller Lite----------------------------$69.99
Corona Light------------------------$99.99
Pilsner Urquell---------------------$109.99
Abita Amber------------------------$105.99
Abita Lemon Wheat----------------$79.99
1/6 kegs
​Goose Island IPA-------------------$79.99
Stella Artois--------------------------$87.99
Bud -----------------------------------$45.99
Mich Amber Bock-------------------$45.99

6/17/2016 FATHER"S DAY
   Just in time for Father's Day,we have a great selection of keg specials.
    3 Daughters Bimini Twist IPA 1/6 keg is now available for only $49.99. Not Your Fathers Root Beer kegs in the 1/6 for half price, only $59.99. That price includes free Breyers ice cream. Makes a great root beer float to celebrate Father's Day! We have a limited amount of the 1/6 Green Fash Imperial for only $79.99. Also available, Green Flash Soul Style IPA 1/6 keg for only$79.99 and Green Flash Symposium 1/2 for $79.99.
   We have a new batch of tap handles available, cleaning kits,growlers, gift certificates, or perhaps a back up co2 tank; all would make great gifts for Dad.
   We have added Funky Buddha Floridian in the 1/6 keg and it is also on our growler station. Also from Funky Buddha we are carrying Hop Gun 1/6 and the seasonal Blueberry Cobbler in the 4 pk. bottles.
   We have a couple of new ciders in 1/6 kegs from Accomplice Brewery and Ciderworks. One is Strawberry and the other is Cidewinder. Nice drinking for those hot summer days!
   Just being delivered are two new brews. From Tank Brewery in Miami we have a Belguim Style Summer Saison Ale and from Amendment Brewery we have Back in Black. Both of these brews are in the 1/6 kegs.     
      Happy Father's Day 
5/13/2016 Craft Beer Week is upon us sooo: Green Flash Le Freak Belgian style Imperial IPA 1/6 kegs are only $79.99 (9.2% abv),Florida Avenue Ale 1/6 kegs only $49.99,Glades Pale Ale 1/6 $79.99, Green Flash Double Stout 1/6 $89.99 and St. Arnolds Stout 1/6 $59.99. Enjoy!!
  5/1/2016 Tecate and Tecate Light 12 pk cans are on sale for $9.99
  Sam Adams Rebel IPA 12 pk bottles are on sale for $9.99 as well.
  Sam Adams Winter 12 pk. cans are buy one get one free @ $14.99!
   Florida Avenue Ale 1/6 kegs are on sale for $49.99. We still have a few Starophramen large kegs on sale for only $79.99. And the Goose Island large keg is only $139.99. Hurry in and take advantage of these specials as quanities are limited!
4/9/2016 Come by and check out the used kegerator we just got. It's in very good shape and won't last long.
4/1/2016 We have some new special for the month of April. Cervecera Del Centro's Ambar 1/6 is $40.00 off! This brings the price to $79.99 for Costa Ricco's number one craft beer.
  We have a special buy of St Arnold's 1/6 keg of stout for only $59.99
  Yuengling's new seasonal is in stock in 1/4 kegs. It is an India Pale Lager and sells for $59.99. A great price for a great new beer.

  We have Goose Island IPA 1/2 barrels for a new lower price of $139.99. 
  Summer beers are here! 
3/18/2016 Come join us this Saturday (3/19) for a free beer tasting. We are tasting Cervecera Del Centro's Triguena and Amber. These are craft beers out of Costa Rica. They will also be available for purchase in Growlers as well as 11 other beers on draft. The tasting is from 1 to 4. Tell all your friends; these tasting usually turn into mini parties! See you there. KEGMAN
3/7/2016 Our new growler station is now up and running! We Have Khoffner's German Hefeweizen, German Pilsner, English Brown Ale, and Belguim Dubbel. From Cigar City we have Jai Lai Pale Ale. From Dogfish we have the 90 Minute IPA on draft and from Funky Budda we are featuring the Floridian Hefeweizen. And last but by no means the least we have four brews from Hollywood Brewery: Mango IPA, Light, Wheat, And the Pilsner. Bring your own clean growler or purchase one or two from Sunshine. Call for pricing 954-327-1818.
2/27/16 Green beer is available in a keg for St Patrick's Day. The cut off day for it to be ordered is March 11th . Call us at 954-327-1818 for more imformation.
  We will have our expanded growler station in operation very soon; up to 12 different brands of beer to choose from. We do fill any clean growler or you can purchase your own from us. Hope to see you soon!
     2/4/16                                          Ft. Lauderdale's newest brewery, Khoffner's  is now featured at Sunshine Discount. We will be featuring four of their brews,Rauf's German Pilsner, Khoffner Belgian Dubbel, "The Crown"(an English Brown Ale) and Rauf's West German Hefeweizen. There will be a tasting of these four at Sunshine Discount Saturday, 2/6/2016 from 3 to 5 pm. These beers will be available in 1/6's as well as growlers. 
  Coney Island Hard Root Beer is on special in the large keg for $99.99, that 1/2 off!
12/26/15 Abita growlers are now available as well as Hollywood brewery growlers. Woodchuck Pumpkin Cider 1/6 is $35.99.Blue Point Pumpkin Ale 1/6 is now $35.99. Red HookPumpkin Porter is now $35.99. It's a Pumpkin sale!!!   Bring in your growler or purchase one at the store and try a pumpkin brew on draft. 
11/25/15 Black Friday at Sunshine means Goose Island Bourbon County Stout is available for sale! We have 2 1/6 and 1/2 liter bottles and they won't last long! So come early Friday (11:00 am) and get a bottle or two to drink now or put aside.  
   Abita Pecan and Abita Seersucker 6 packs are on sale for $6.99.
   Sierra Nevada Octoberfest 1/6 kegs are reduced to $79.99 and Abita Wheat 1/4's are $79.99.
   Goose Island Bourbon County is on the way! Rumor has it that it will be available in 1/6 kegsas well as bottles.
   Miami Brewing kegs and Budweiser Holiday Steins will be in this week.
   We revise our in stock keg inventory on a regular basis. If we delete something it is still usually available from the distributors, though not seasonals. Give us a call and we'll see if we can get what you are looking for from the local distributors. 
10/29/2015  Sunday November 1st 
from 1:00 - 4:00 we will be sampling 12- 15 different beers here at Sunshine Discount Beverages! Stop by and enjoy the beers,music, food and of course you could win a prize! Grand prize this year is a full size pool table. You don't have to be here to win but you do need a ticket. Stop by and see us and enjoy some new and different beers. 
     Check out our new special pricing on a full keg of Blue Point Toasted Lager at $129.99 and Abita Lemon Wheat 1/4 at $79.99.
9/7/15 We now have growlers!!! We are featuring Hollywood Brewary's  Light, Mango IPA, Pilsner, and Wheat . A great way to sample some new beers at their freshest!
6/17/15 All of the Heiniken Lt.'s are gone. Sorry, but we have some new specials. Abita Summer IPA 1/4 are $20. off making them $79.99. Sierra Nevada 1/6 of Noner Pils are in stock with $20. off making them a great buy at $69.99 ! 
      Summer beers are here!! Specials can go fast, so reserve your's today. 
     We now carry 3-4 types of kegs from Hollywood brewery. These kegs are very, very fresh! Come in and try some local brews. 
1/28/15 Get ready for Super Bowl with these great keg specials! Mich Amber Bock 1/2 kegs are priced to sell at $79.99 and the 1/6 are only $39.99! New pricing on Shock Top 1/2's is $95.99 and 1/6's are $45.99 ; reserve early this will go fast! Abita Turbo Dog 1/4's are on special for $69.99 with a free give away while supplies last. And for the IPA lovers we have Goose Island IPA 1/6 on sale for $69.99. Good news for Stella Artois drinkers, it is now available in the 1/6 keg for $79.99 and it uses a domestic coupler! Enjoy some great beers while watching the Super Bowl. 
1/19/2015 We are now carring Saltwater Brewery products. We have in stock the Bona Fide which is a blond and Southend. We also have Abita Turbo Dog in 1/4 barrels and with that purchase you recieve a free bar mat. Don't forget our 30th birthday celabration this coming Sunday the 25th. Hope to see you there!!!
 Sunday January 25th 1pm-4pm             BEER TASTING 
12-15 Different kinds of beer to sample (while supplies last)           Door prizes, raffles food & live music 
 The grand prize is a full size    BUDWEISER POOL TABLE!!!!
The pool table was donated to the Cooper City Optimist by Stephens Distributing Company.  
All proceeds from the grand prize raffle will be donated to the Cooper City Optimist Golf Tournament. 
It's a by week so come join the fun at Sunshine Discount Beverages  "HOME OF THE KEGMAN"
10/3/2014 First Pacifico 1/4 kegs are on special for $59.99. Thats about $50.00 off the regular price. We will have that as one  of the beers at Sunday's sampling. 
 Schofferhofer Hefewiezen 1/6 kegs are still on special for only $79.99. That will also be available to sample Sunday.                          Brooklyn Ocktoberfest, Sam Adams,Harpoon, Abita, Blue Moon Pumpkin, Warsteiner,the new Guiness Blonde, and Sierra Nevada are all brands that you will have an oppertunity to try on Sunday. We will have at least 12-15 varieties to try at any given time. 
  Live music, great prizes and food will be available from 1 to 4 this Sunday. Hope to see you there,   KEGMAN
5th Annual Octoberfest Beer Tasting !!!!
  Sunday October 5th from 1:00 to 4:00 pm here at Kegman's. Over  a dozen different varieties of beer to taste! We will have live music, food, and lots of prizes. 
  It's a bye week for the Dolphins so no excuses!!! 
See you soon, KEGMAN 
PS. Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin will be in on Thursday the 18th.
8/30/2014 While supplies last large kegs of Bud are on special for $89.99!!!! Get yours before they are all gone.
8/6/2014 We now have Johnny Appleseed 1/6 kegs in stock.
  Sam Adams Octoberfest is here in 1/6 kegs and 1/2 barrels!!
  Congrats to Joe D. for being the first to get this years Sam Adams Octoberfest keg. Don't wait too long they move fast! We also have Sam Adams Octoberfest in 12 Pks. for only $13.99.
  We still have Kona Castaway IPA 1/6s on sale for $69.99; plus $10.00 off  the Orlando Brewing Company beer 1/6 kegs.
  Coors Light ( the Silver Bullet) is on sale for only $89.99in the large keg. That is about $15.00 off the regular price. As with all specials there are limited amounts available,so act fast.
  Shocktop Pumpkin 1/6 and Shocktop Banana 1/6 will be in this Thursday.
  Limited release Cicar City Barrel Aged Big Sound is here in 750ml. bottles as of Thursday.
   Larubia Blond Ale is here in 1/6 kegs from Winwood Brewery in Miami as of Thursday.
7/3/2014 Coors the Banquet beer large keg(1/2) is now even a more special deal!!! $79.99 and receive a $10.00 rebate coupon good for thirty days from time of puchase. This nets the keg price to $69.99 for a large keg!!! Some restrictions apply and supplies are limited. So hurry in for this great deal, they won't last long.
6/19/2014 Coors (the banquet beer) is back in stock!! Large kegs are now only $79.99!  
5/29/2014 We now have over 80 flavors of kegs in stock!!!! It's a new record!
5/21/2014 Just in time for Memorial Day weekend!  We have old fashioned Coors (the banquet beer) in kegs for only $89.99. This is a limited supply so hurry up and take advantage of this deal. We haven't had Coors keg around for about 20 years!    The summer beers are in stock. Lighter brews and some seasonal wheat beers are in stock ready for your enjoyment.
    We have new organic beers coming in soon. Made in Florida with only Florida ingredients. 
   Congratulations Wade!!!! You did great and made us very proud!
   We are open our usual hours this holiday weekend. 
           See you soon,
1/6/2014 Happy New Year!!
Happy Anniversary to us, 29 years and still going strong! Out with the winter beers and in with the spring beers. New Belgium Spring Blond will be in this week. We already have the new Sam Adams Rebel IPA and Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye in stock in the 1/6 kegs.
12/13/2013  We have added
Goose Island Ten Hills,Cigar City Invasion IPA,Terrapin Hopsecutioner IPA,Terrapin Moo Hoo Stout,Sierra Nevada Flipside Red IPA, Sam Adams Winter, New Belgium Accumulation and Sierra Nevada Celebration in 1/6 barrels.

    1/6 Kegs In Stock 
      on regular basis
Arrogant Bastard
Blue Moon Belguim Ale
Blue Point Toasted Lager
Brooklyn Lager
Brooklyn Brown Ale
Cervecera Ambar 
Cervecera Triguena 
Cigar City Madero
Cigar City Jai Alai
Cigar City Invasion
Dale's Pale Ale
Dogfish 90 Minute IPA
Dogfish 60 Minute IPA
Dos Equis Amber
Dos Equis Lager
Due South Caramel
Funky Buddha Floridian  
Goose Urban Wheat 312
Goose Island IPA
Green Flash IPA
Green Flash Green Bullet
Guiness Blond
Harpoon UFO White
Harpoon IPA 
Hollywood Light 
Hollywood Mango IPA 
Hollywood Pilsner 
Hollywood Stout 
Hollywood Wheat 
Hollywood Cider
Islamorada Citrus Ale 
Islamorada Sandbar Sunday
khoffner German Pilsner
Khoffner Hefeweizen 
khoffner Red Ale
Kona Big Wave
Landshark Lager
Magic Hat #9 
Miami Gator Tail
Mich Amber Bock
Mich Ultra
New Belgium Fat Tire
New Belgium Tangerine IPA
Saltwater Screaming Reels
Saltwater Blonde
Sam Adams 
Sam Adams Cold Snap
Sam Adams Orchard Crisp
Sandbar Sunday
Seadog  Blueberry
Shock Top
Shock Top Pretzel
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
Sierra Nevada Torpedo
St. Arnold's Stout
Stella Artois
Stella Cider
Sweetwater 420
Yuengling IPL