Keg Customers
There are advantages of being on our Keg Customer list and being part of the Sunshine Discount family.  Our keg customers are those who buy their keg beer from us. We enjoy doing things for our loyal customers, so we provide a few perks to people who keep coming back. These are a few of the advantages of being our keg customer.
-Discounts on Co2 refills: We fill and maintain Co2 tanks for our customers with kegerators at home.  When you buy your kegs from us, you get a discount on your Co2 refills.

-Free Giveaways: Our keg cusomers are automatically signed up for free chances to win tickets to concerts, fights, professional events such as football, basketball, hockey, and baseball games, beer glasses, shirts, and koolie cups.

-Reservations: Think you're about to run out of beer soon?  Once you're a keg customer, just give us a call, and we'll hold a flavor of your choice for you!

"Home of Kegman"
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